B.R. Industrial Personnel offers a high quality specialist inspection service, carried out by qualified and experienced staff. B.R. Industrial Personnel’s operatives have completed major works associated with the installation of pipework for the National Gas Transmission and Distribution Network. Our reputation is deservedly high for the quality and diligence of our welding inspection work.

Additional project locations would include: Gas Installations, including Gas Holders; Hospitals, Industrial Storage Facilities, Flats and Retail Outlets. All work completed is properly recorded and complies with all certified standards. Equipment and instrumentation is calibrated and certified to the required standards.

The scope of our welding inspection services are wide. Duties would include the following: support engineers in all matters relating to inspection; ensuring all technical specifications are fully complied with, inclusive of safety procedure; the enforcement of observation and maintenance of welding standards at all stages of fabrication and installation.

In addition, we can supply:

 Provision of Senior / Welding Inspectors BGAS Approved and certified
 Project Management & Supervision
 Weld Testing & Approval
 Ultrasonic Inspection
 Pipeline Damage Assessment Service available
 Welding Inspection and defect Assessment
 Radiographic Inspection Service Supplies Including Interpretation
 Mechanical Testing Service Supplied
 Crack Detection: Magnetic Particle & Dye Penetrant
 Water Bath Heater & Heat Exchanger Inspection and defect assess-ment
 Vessel Inspection
 Pipework removal for analysis
 In Line Filter Surveys & Repairs

For all of your inspection needs, look no further than BR Industrial Personnel’s professionals. Call us today.

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